Wanderers: A Reflection, part 2

In my opinion, the bottom line to any spiritual living is this: Love others in a way that reflects the truth that you and them are one; learn to forgive others and yourself; and live in gratitude for all that is given, both the negative and the positive, for both have purpose. Any ideas of esoteric knowledge or who and what wanderers are, are all extra and not really that important in learning how to live fully in the Now.

The discovery of the concept of Wanderers has been at once thrilling, comforting, perplexing, and troubling.  It is thrilling to know that one belonged to a higher dimension reality in union with other members of society and volunteered to come to Earth and be of service.  It’s comforting to know that one is not alone and there are millions of wanderers here, now, doing the same essential mission. Loneliness has always been a part of my journey, from the earliest years.  I remember remarking to a priest in college about my loneliness and he just sat back and wondered at why would I be lonely, that it didn’t make sense, but that is seemed a mystery in my life.  It seems that my “God sized hole” in my soul had a reason. It’s true that all God sized holes are put there by God to keep the spiritual seeker seeking for the one thing that will fill the hole.  But in the case of the wanderer, it also means that it has been hard to adjust to a life in 3D on Earth which is so broken and mired in separation. This is total foreign to a soul that relatively recently existed in union and harmony with self and others and with God.  We don’t feel like we fit in because we don’t fit in.  Point blank.  It’s perplexing and troubling because the distortion of pride that is alive and well within the 3D mind of the wanderer can really raise it’s ugly head.  Interestingly, a Two on the Enneagram is called the “Giver,” “Healer,” or “Servant.”  The “sin” of the Two is Pride.  What pride means within the enneagram is an over exaggeration of the importance of oneself.  It’s also pride that leads to a spirit of elitism.  The gift of the Two, and I would argue for the Wanderer, is humility.  In the Enneagram, humility is not seen as a docile posture of servanthood and is not conflated with humiliation.  Humility is understood as an ability to control one’s false self to such a degree that one’s true self is fully in charge. At this point, the “Redeemed Two” is a purer channel for the Holy Spirit and is able to love more unconditionally.  Living humbly requires immense courage to desire to discover and know oneself in an unconditional way.  Much shadow work is necessary, especially at the beginning, and then constant (!) vigilance is required to make sure the house is kept clean.  This is also the path of the Wanderer.  I can speak for myself, but I know that my purpose to being here on Earth at this time has several components:

1.  To help raise the overall frequency of the Earth so that the harvest to 4th density positive can be as efficacious as possible.    Wanderers do this by incarnating here.  They do not need to be conscious that they are wanderers for this to happen.  Their 4th, 5th, or 6th density vibrations from their light bodies automatically enlighten a 3D planet even as their own 3D mind and body may be quite dysfunctional. A wanderer who knows that they are a wanderer can intentionally play with light (ie lightwork) to bless enlighten others and indeed, creation itself.  In a way, its a conscious knowing that I, as part of the creator, am blessing other parts of the creator with the powers of the creator.  In short, the creator blesses the creator and that channel can be a conscious wanderer.  However, one can simply substitute “wanderer” with say, “Christian” and it ‘s the same thing.  I can easily say that the Christian as a member of the Body of Christ uses the Holy Spirit to pray for and bless other members of the Body of Christ so that they know and love God.

2.  To help others awaken to their true selves.  I almost never use Law of One terminology and it is not necessary.  I can use Christian metaphors and psychology to do this.  No other teacher excels more than Richard Rohr, OFM, in this area, as far as I’m concerned.

3.  To learn more about cosmic metaphysics in light of the Law of One material and synthesize this in helpful ways with Christian  ideas (since this is my background and I know it well)that may illuminate the latter.  I can only do this to the degree that I have myself been able to synthesize this.  It’s not easy but it gives me joy and I have no doubt that it is part of my vocation at present.

4.  To maintain hope in darkness so that I can offer hope to others in the dark.  This is more complicated than it may seem.  For example, learning about truth behind our 3D world is totally startling at first.  It took me 6 months to recover emotionally and mentally when I truly accepted that we live in a 3D Service to Self reality right here on this planet.  The leadership at the highest levels (both overt and covert) and the structure itself is biased toward Service to Self.  The roots of this bias goes back to the overt and covert manipulations of 4D STS hyperdimensional aliens who prey upon 3D people for their own advancement.  Still, this is not a STS planet because most of the souls here are good and while not significantly polarized at present, RA says that 90% are of Service to Other orientation and will eventually end up on those appropriate planets/planes.  So what does it require for me to not see this planet as a prison, as so many tout online?  Perspective.  This planet is a classroom and hospital. It’s a most amazing opportunity to learn how to love and serve and thus vastly accelerate positive polarization. I understand that what is happening on a cosmic level is simply a larger, macro, battle that takes place right inside myself.  I am that.  That is me.  When I can become friends with my own shadow sides and bring light into the dark places, then I am whole and one.  There is no difference in essence on the macro scale from this idea.  The negative forces are necessary to serve as catalyst of positive forces and vice versa.  Without negative forces, there would be no positive polarization because there would not be a need for choice.  And choice is the whole point of 3D existence.

5.  To maintain gratitude.  This overlaps with the above.  Gratitude is the essential quality that is needed in order to not only accept what is but to be grateful for it.  Not only that, but then one offers the thankfulness back to the Creator in a gesture of gratitude.  Joy is the fruit.  One finally realizes that all things happen for the good of the soul and much of it was programmed by oneself in between incarnations along with Higher Self. It is an honor and an incredible opportunity to be incarnated on this planet here and now.  I chose it.  I am grateful for the opportunity to have been able to choose it.  It is indeed a pearl of the greatest price. May I continue to live this incarnation well and serve in the most balanced and efficacious way.

6.  To help continue the spiritual evolution of those from my home density.  I don’t know where I came from, yet. The word, “Sirus” keeps coming to me, but I don’t know.  I do know that one of my roles as a one who volunteered to come here is to enlighten and polarize my home community with whom I exist as one.  What I learn here, they learn.  To the degree that I take advantage of this amazing opportunity to incarnate here, now, and to learn, love, serve, experience, this also becomes their experience.  In this way, my home density moves towards the next density.  In 3D, one has the potential to move through all of the densities and through the octave to become an 8th density being with relatively little time passing.  This is not possible in a 6D condition with such speed.

Finally, I will add that all the of learning I am doing in the realm of out of body techniques, seeing auras, reading energies, lightwork, and other astral plane work, be the best counselor, father, husband, and friend, I intentionally do in the spirit of service to others. This helps me purify my own motives and polarize me more.  As long as I live in some sort of equanimity and my compassion continues to grow, then I am doing my wandering well.

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