The hell realms: Lower astral 5D

The below reflection is pure speculation. It was “inspired” by an email conversation with someone.

Hades may be a 5D time/space manifestation of some over stimulated, unbalanced application of the first three chakras (both micro (person) and macro (cosmic).  Some background:  Some writers suggest, I think Ra does too, that 5D is correlated perfectly to the 5th chakra, which is that of wisdom (blue ray).  Ra states that 5D, whether pos or neg, is that of light.  The astral plane is the play of light which is held in the mind of the logos and in which the mind of the sub-sub logos can manipulate unconsciously (when dreaming) or consciously when aware (lucid dreaming, OBE’s).  My hunch is that when  an entity is activated at the 5D level, they explore and exist on the astral plane more fully in its objective sense (though it is still a subjective reality within the overmind of the logos).  The astral plane is that plane which is visited upon death (assuming one doesn’t hang around like a hungry ghost) and the plane that is visited when dreaming.  Those “lower astral” planes might actually be 5.1, 5.2, 5.3 in 5D time/space (as opposed to space/time). Also, Ra indicates that the negatives have their own realm (ie when Carla was almost whisked away to negative time/space). I can imagine that 5D negative would be like light of the cosmic 5th ray (chakra) that spins counter clockwise.

5.1, 5.2, 5.3 levels of the astral plane deal with body, self, and self-and-other, respectively.  For those who are positive at their core, but not harvestable, I can imagine that their experience after death is to dwell within some form of harmonious configuration of these Blue/red, blue/orange, and blue/yellow ray frequencies that spin in clockwise fashion.  There are some stories of people “on the other side” who choose to live life just like it is on earth. They have cars, churches, and the same “rules” as here because those vibrating at those frequencies collectively choose their reality (I guess like us here to some degree, but there they are freer to craft their reality).  At some point, they get pulled out of their reality by higher self and are readied for the next incarnation that will afford them the opportunity to polarize more and activate more fully the heart chakra and thus march forward on soul evolution.

“Lower astral” might be divided into two areas: negative and positive.  The positive version is mentioned above. The negative version might be a disharmonious configuration of the chakra rays in the overall “field” of blue ray energy (5th cosmic chakra).  Here 5.1 might be a preoccupation of body.  5.11 (as opposed to 5.17) might be “frozen” wherein consciousness isn’t even aware that it is indeed conscious.  Ra gives an example here of the souls from Maldek who blew up their own planet (which is now the asteroid belt). Ra says that this planet was highly polarized towards the negative (but not harvestable to 4D negative). Upon death, the souls were so traumatized that they spent hundreds of thousands of years in a frozen like state in what Ra describes as a knot of fear.  5.2 on the negative path uses red and orange ray energies to bolster its sense of self.  It would fly solo, as it were. They consciously act to survive and may be lower level demons and humans who prey upon the living (on Earth) like energy parasites. Note here that living Earth humans would also need to be vibrating at these “negative spinning” frequencies too in order to be approachable by the above astral parasites. 5.3  negative entities do this too but they have various degrees of access to the yellow ray energy frequency which allows them to form dark alliances.  They would be stronger demons and humans.  In sum, the hell realms are the various conditions of souls (a soul is a 5D thoughtform of the one’s higher self existing in late 6D) that vibrate within red, red/orange, and red/orange/yellow rays frequencies.  The spin of light in hell is counter clockwise and it’s a dog eat dog world.

There is a higher astral in the negative spin but I would guess that few demons and only those black sorcerers who are truly on the negative path move out of 5.3, and into 5.4, 5.5, 5.6, and 5.7. 5.4 is accessed by an entity being able to harmonize their energy with the force of self-love (exploitation of others in the service of extreme narcissism), so it might be seen as a gateway vibration wherein the entities “gets their stuff together.”  The higher levels within negative 5D time/space are occupied by very keen entities, namely dark archangels, black human sorcerers, and negative ET factions.  Their preoccupation is that of garnering more and more power over others (by fear and domination thus cultivating loosh energy) while streamlining the gained energy into more and more efficient and powerful energy bodies. I can imagine their light body something like a spider in the center of a beautifully woven web. They are like a singularity of pure (negatively spinning) light at the center of an individualized black hole that siphons energy from underlings.  They worship the Black Sun (the center of the corrupted demiurge) just as they are worshiped and seen as (negative) gurus and guides by the lower rungs on the negative hierarchical ladder. The Black Sun requires from them energy too, so even the most wicked and powerful in the upper astral “hell” realms are prey.

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