An Indigo Orb, Spheres, Blue Avians, Galactic Logos, and Oneness

I had an experience on June 20th in the morning while going for run.  I make no claim to say that this objectively happened, either.  It could have been 100% my imagination (which has always been keen).  It was, however, real to me in the subjective sense and a very valuable experience.

The following did not happen with my physical body.  I often go into trances-lite while running.  I’ve been listening to the Ultimate Journey by Robert Monroe and I was inspired by his accounts to let my consciousness go where it will without judgment or limitations.  Instead of listening to spiritual/cosmic podcasts, I felt a strong invitation from outside of me (Higher Self?) to listen to a sacred song and let my trance take its course.  I chose a song of the Chant album done by monks and set it to repeat.  The rest happened while I was running around the track at the local high school. I also like to run barefoot so that I can be very connected to the ground.  I think that this helped in the trance.

Before I expound on the experience, I’ll note a brief explanation of what I call the Temple of the Heart. It is a temple located on the Astral plane that I “discovered/created” about a year ago.  I was in a sleeping trance then and I vividly found myself in front of a building that was cream color rock with a dome on top.  The entrance was on the left.  After being drawn to this temple for a couple of times, I decided to enter it (this would have been the third time that I saw the temple on three different occasions, but had not entered it until then).  There were a few steps down and then opened to the right.  The inside was the same color as the outside except that it was a much larger room than what the outside building would have afforded.  In the fore of the room is a downward stream of light coming from the opening in the center of the dome above.  Thickness of the stream of light, which was white or golden (the default), was about 18 inches or so.  It streams down like water into a “well” that is on a raised, tiered, platform that has one circular step around it so I can step up and engage the stream.  I “wash” myself.  First, I’ll say that my own body is also a light body that is white or golden depending on the day.  I can control the colors but these are the defaults.  It is humanoid body, that is, it is my body but not physical, it is light.  With the stream of light, I ask the protection of three archangels: Gabriel, Michael, and Raphael.  Each archangel has its own frequency of light in which it dwells.  For Gabriel, the light turns light blue and when I touch the stream, my whole body turns blue as the essence of Gabriel and my essence mix.  I then thank the archangel.  Michael’s energy is red, and Raphael’s energy is violet.  From this place, I usually do my “work.” This has been from beginning: to bless.  I create elementals in the form of doves or hawks or eagles and infuse them with intentions and then send them to divide into 100 million other doves (et al) of equal strength. I send them to a given region of the world. The color of the birds is usually white or golden but occasionally rose colored for love.  About 4 months ago I walked down the stairs and I saw an Egyptian Golden Man to the right of the light stream.  I was shocked so I asked him to reveal his name and if he was negative, by the name of Jesus, he must leave.  He stayed and I understood his name to be Ra.  I didn’t “hear” anything more from him that day.  I decided to fortify the Temple with elementals of protection.  I went outside the Temple and created a large cross made out of white light and this stands exactly in the center of the Temple.  Then I put a curtain of light in front of the entrance (there is no door) and commanded that only beings of positive vibrations in the Christ Consciousness could enter.

Every time I entered the Temple, I would see the Golden Being.  Then one day, before I learned of the Sphere Beings or Blue Avians, I saw that another being was in the Temple on the far right.  It was a blue and red being.  It just stared and I welcomed it.  I didn’t “hear” anything from this being for a long time.  About 4 weeks ago, I entered and the Golden One was gone but what was in its place was golden energy.  I then went to the blue being and saw that it was pointing back towards where the golden energy was.  There I saw a merkabah made of golden light.  Since then, I have been experimenting with merkabah work and learning more about it. I’ve not seen the Golden One since, only the merkabah sits there. Lastly, about 3 weeks ago, as mentioned in my previous post, the blue being left.  I’ve not seen the blue being since but in its place, there has been an indigo orb floating waist high on the far right of the Temple. Why the name, “Temple of the Heart?” I don’t know, except that I had asked once what was the name of the temple and this is what came back to me.   So now I’ll begin at the story of the adventure.

As I was running, I immediately went into the Temple and went in front of the orb.  My body was golden light and I touched the outer surface of the orb which was blue and violet colors.  It was definitely alive or of living energy.  Our essences mixed  and I blessed it with love.  Then I put my hand through and it grew to encompass me.  I was now inside the orb and could see out and the surrounding of the room were blue haze.  A thought-question came to me, “Where do you desire to go?” I wished to see the Spheres and meet the Blue Avians.  I was then already in space, the Earth at my back, and I was in front of a huge sphere of violet, blue, and white light energy.  I passed through and into it.  I didn’t see anything physical but somehow became “plugged in” to the rest of the energy that made up the sphere.  I looked at Earth and blessed it by surrounding it with white-rose light. I do this often…bless the Earth in this way, but this time, I felt that the energy of the Sphere joined me and magnified my blessing. I then found myself in front of the Blue Avians.  They were tall and majestic and I knelt.  I thought-heard them say, “Do not worship us, for we are you and you are us.” To make the meeting balanced, the Blue Avian knelt to me and then I found that I was equal in stature in height.  We then did a gesture that has been done three times, as this was the third time that I had envisioned meeting them.  The gesture is something that happened naturally and I didn’t have to think about it, nor did I feel that I created it.  It has always been the same gesture.

After that, I was just in the Blue Avian’s presence when I felt a joy and saw the whole of the sphere, myself, everything, turn into white light energy and I outstretched my arms and raised my head to greet this new movement in my adventure.  I felt an increasing joy and I shouted (not literally), “This is all Christ, we are all Christ, all is Christ!”  When I mean all, I mean that all the manifested world, or the light energy that makes it up. I then felt that I was moving rapidly through the energy coming to our solar system from the galactic center.  I was the energy itself, yet I was also me and I was moving “up stream,” as it were, towards the source.  Very quickly, I arrived in front of the Galactic Center and I knew in my intuition that this is the Galactic Logos; and that all what I had learned and thought about the word, “God,” was this Source.  It’s like the magnet of me is drawn into the magnet of God.  The Source was the Galactic Logos who was God.  And still, there was the felt knowledge that there was an even “greater” existence that transcended the Galactic Logos, yet the GL and myself are one with it. There was not just one being or star there but a multitude of oneness.  Here is where words get hard to translate the experience.  It wasn’t necessarily  the Trinity as traditionally taught but there was a plurality of oneness.  I was a sphere of light and I wasn’t alone.  I didn’t feel out of place because I knew that I was them and they were me.  How can you feel out of place when you are at home?  I then thought-heard an invitation, “Do you have a question?”  Admittedly one came to mind but it seemed a bit strange. Still I asked it, “I would like to know how 8th or even 9th density beings can be completely unified, one, with the Creator and still retain their own individuality?  Is this possible? What happened next was all experience of the emotive/intuitive kind and very difficult to process in words.  The light sphere ahead of me “gazed” out into space and I followed it’s gaze. It said in a sweet, rich, loud, slow, majestic, golden voice, “Behold Thou, this!”  And what I saw/felt/knew is that all of the energy cascading outwardly was life, was the Creator, was me, was them, rushing forward and outward toward the blackness of space. I saw/felt/knew of billions of stars and planets as being one with me/us. I was the body of the Creator and the Creator itself having this body.  I thought/heard the One before me saying, “It is all the Creator, can you feel it?” Then the picture of Earth came into my mind and the sub-sub logoi there, the humans upon it. “They are us, they are the Creator, like us.  They are like the foot and we are the hand or head.  And we go to show them that they are a part of this Body, they do not know this yet.  The foot will meet the head and rejoin.  We are the Creator gathering Itself back together.  We are the Creator’s active principle and we move forth to introduce the rest of the body to the foot who has not known that it was always connected.  We, as the Creator, feel this pain and long to one.  The “we” in them seeks us.  We move forth, and this is us and this is the Creator.” These words were less heard than felt.

Now the above words are an approximation because I can’t remember if they were the exact words except I distinctly know that “Behold Thou, this!” was loud and also the use of the word “foot” to describe earth and “hand or head” to describe these energy beings is certain.  The experience was that I felt as they felt. I felt that I was/am the Creator moving forth and longing out of love to reveal itself to the foot of its own body.  I saw/felt/knew that I was the entirety of the universe but there was not an “alone” feeling because there was a me that was a we.  That creation and Creator are one is nothing new in terms of info but the difference here for me was the experience of this oneness. It wasn’t just a quiet intuitive knowing, which I have had.  It was a step beyond the initial realization of the union of the I/Thou relationship with God, or unitive stage of spiritual development.  Perhaps I could say this: first the duality of I/Thou staring at each other; then the onening occurs and it is an I AMness, then the I AM looks back and sees all that is and knows it to be a part of the same Body of I AM.  The looking back out from the I AM towards creation was the new step for me…. Looking from God’s viewpoint rather than looking at God from my viewpoint. Seeing the universe from God’s eyes, as God.   But not absorbed into the ocean of God and losing who I am.  Its a both/and.  And I think that’s the Great News.  Not only are we one with God, and we just have to realize or awaken to this, but we are never to loose who we are because that is God now pregnant with the experience of God.  Why would God want to loose God’s experience of God’s self?

What I came away from the experience was a renewed sense of my vocation here as an incarnation of God in the 3D on Earth at this time.  I desire to bless.  This is much more of a verb rather than a noun.  It is more than “be a blessing.” It is certainly more than praying that God bless something or someone.  No,  I desire to be the active principle and to bless, as God, or as Christ. I AM Christ blessing Christ.  And You are Christ. And All Is Christ. And yet there is also this presence of Infinity that transcends and yet includes even the Christ.  Perhaps this is the presence of the Creator before Creation?  I would say that transcending presence of Infinity is the “Father;” all of Creation, visible and invisible, is the “Son;” and the unity of all manifestation, is the “Holy Spirit.”

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