Home Planet?

I went running again this morning, 9 miles, and decided at mile 5 to try to do a visionary travel as I was in a pretty good trance-state.  At 5 am I awoke and made coffee.  I sat down and did 20 minutes of Centering Prayer and then got ready for the run.  I felt centered, indeed.  While on the track, barefoot, I listened to the same Chant song on repeat.  The rest is what followed in the trance. It’s hard to describe the gradual displacement of the seeing the 3D world around me with the inner vision.  It’s as if one is in suddenly shut in a dark room and at first nothing can be seen.  After a time, the room’s surrounding become visible as the eyes accustom.  This is kind of what it is like.

I saw myself in front of the Temple of the Heart.  I saw the huge light-cross that I had installed as a protective elemental months ago.  Good thing I did too because two days ago I was in a meditative state and I decided to go to the Temple. I saw the temple but the cross was way off in shape.  It had a vertical line but the arms were both going up in a ‘Y’ fashion instead of straight out.  It felt wrong.  Then I saw the entrance on the left as I usually do but inside was not only black but a black-like energy was coming from it like putrid black heat waves.  I quickly got out of the idea of entering and felt relieved when I moved on to something else.  Back to the this morning’s trance…

From the outside of the Temple, I blessed the structure and surrounded it with rose-white light.  I then entered the entrance and my body was a golden light-body which illuminated the small downstairs hallway as I descended.  I then saw the bright golden light in the room and turned the corner to see the streaming golden light of the light-font in the middle of the room.  I “washed” myself with the light and then asked for the protection of Gabriel (blue energy) and formed a blue pentagram of protection (ala Daskalos) and thanked Gabriel. I did the same with Michael and Rafael.  I then turned around 180 degrees and saw the indigo blue orb and a Blue Avian standing next to it.  I stood next to the BA and looked at It.  I can’t get a clear picture in my mind of the details of this being.  I can make out a huminoid body form with colors of indigo blue and violet.  I see a head and am aware of the compassionate energy coming from Its eyes.  I don’t try to force detail and just let be what will be.  I asked It to tell me its name.  It said, “Raw Mayear Eir,” something like that.  I then felt sadness because I don’t know if this is real or if anything I ever do in this realm is real but just my imagination.  I asked for some confirmation.  Nothing, just stares at me.  Then It did something I wasn’t expecting.  It raised it’s hand and arm and pointed at and then touched my heart area and immediately a light like a spark flashed and I thought-heard, “Go inside for confirmation.”

I then went into the flash of light and into my chest area. I saw a new kind of world, new space, new ambient. My desire was to find the source of doubt in my experiences. I saw a red ball of energy floating in the middle of what seemed like dark purple space. It was a frenzied sphere of red energy. I approached it and said, “In the name of Jesus, I demand to know your nature!” The ball of energy immediately blew open in fury and hatred and exposed its “insides,” its inner self. There was a yellow being with a black center. It didn’t talk. I sensed that it was toxic and negative, like a parasite, and so I said, “In the name of Jesus, I command you to leave!” It seemed well ensconced. As I said the former, I then created a light-cross using my “34” pattern which is creating the vertical of the cross while saying “3” and feeling the energy of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Then I create the horizontal saying the number, “4,” and picturing the perfection of creation. I placed this light-cross directly in the middle of the red/yellow parasite and as I did so, the being began to fold into it and was dissolved into the light-cross. All that was left was the cross. I felt a sense of strength and empowerment. I decided that it doesn’t matter that I can’t prove to myself or to anyone else if all of my experiences are real. All I know is this, when I reach a certain level of trance, I see and experience the visions very vividly that are more than just seeing but also emotive in nature. I see/feel at the same time. Not only that but when I allow the journey to flow and not judge and not ask myself if it’s real but just let it happen as it happens, then I am usually very surprised as things play out that I wouldn’t have expected nor would I have had the imagination to create. It’s a participative experience. Lastly, and most importantly, the experiences are grounded in love, the encounters are love, and exchanges are love, and the darkness of my Lower Self does not penetrate. This means that my own energetic vibrations are very high during these trances. This counts for something. So were they real or imaginary?  Maybe both?  I do not claim to know.

I returned to Raw Mayear Eir and I recieved the energy of understanding, wisdom, and compassion from him. I then was thought-asked what I wanted. I responded that I wanted to rest. I immediately found myself outside the Galactic Logos where my other trance happened (see previous post). I stayed there for a bit but I decided that I was here and I could ask anything so why not take advantage of the situation. A question quickly came to my curious mind. As I know myself to be a wanderer (in the sense of the Law of One), I wondered what my home planet was like. Where are my original people/family? Nothing happened after this. Then a thought-question came: “Why do you want to know this?” I responded, “I just do. If this information does not hurt my current incarnation, I would like to know.” “You can know, if you desire.” “I do desire… I desire to know my home planet as it is now,” I repeated. Nothing. I tried to get a name of the planet. Nothing was coming to my mind. Then slowly, as my “eyes” were refocusing into a different level of consciousness, I began to see colors of individual spheres of blue, light blue, silver, gold, red, violet, purple swirling together. There was no space between the spheres and they were all light consciousnesses that connected to each other. They were also not only connected to the Source light but were manifestations of the Source light in the form multiplicity. I didn’t catch what color of orb I was  but I decided to “shine” gold. When I did this, all of the other orbs around me responded and became identical gold orbs as if to show that we are all one and connected and that they could not only “see” me but welcomed me. I stayed here in this state for a few minutes (seconds?) appreciating what I was experiencing but not understanding it. The thought came to me that maybe  this was somehow the angelic realm that I was not a wanderer from another planet but rather an angel now in human form. I dismissed this as quickly as the thought came for I intuited that this was not my reality. I then thought that if this is my home planet, then maybe I’m from some other Galaxy or Universe where all life forms are light and not humanoid. Ra states that members of Ra’s social memory complex have been wanderers in other galaxies whose Galactic Logos has chosen very different ways to manifest creation. Perhaps my original “place” was of this kind of high strangeness, I thought? But then something came to my mind. “No, I don’t think that this was the case,” I said to myself. When I had asked to see my home planet, I had asked to see it as it is now. As it is now is most likely located in 6D (I felt a strong confirmation of this when the thought came) and that this is indeed a 6D reality. I then asked to see my home planet as it was in 3D existence. At first, nothing came to my vision. I didn’t panic, nor did I feel any tension. I let the focusing happen as I now knew that it eventually would. I began to see a sky and the most beautiful golden sunset. I was in a valley  of mountains (note: I have always been more “turned on” by mountains than by the beach) and I could see the sky of such sheer beauty. The sun of this place was hidden by the mountains but the rays were intense and their interaction with some clouds exploded in  golden, orange, yellow, and pinkish hues. Just above the mountains and clearly visible was a second sun. It was small, about the size of a full moon, and red. I wondered if this was another planet or moon but I decided that it was a sun because light was coming from it as a source rather an a reflection. So this planet has at least two suns. Then I gazed down into the valley and let my focus come into view. I saw vegetation with large plants with large leaves. They were dark green and blue and had their own light, too, very faintly glowing. Then there was a brook at my feet and the water was clear and golden and I couldn’t tell whether it was golden in part because of the reflection of the sunset or was it also because it was of a golden quality itself possessed.

Suddenly and unexpectedly I caught sight of a being who was facing me about 20 feet away. Had he been there the whole time?  I didn’t know.  How can I describe him?  He was completely white and his skin also had a soft white glow as it radiated energy.  He didn’t seem to be naked because I didn’t seen any genitals but I knew it was a male.  His clothes must have been skin-tight.  His neck and waist were very thin and his body was long, lean, and sinewy, with long fingers (4 or 5?).  His face was cat-like, very much like the sphinx and the hair was long and back over the head and past the shoulders.  I can’t tell whether the fibers of the hair were really thick or were they braided together like a dreadlock.  All white.  His eyes were cat-like with more vertical pupils and iris was gold, blue, and green.  He did not speak but I thought-heard his words of, “Welcome home,” and he gestured with his right hand, open-palm face up, elbow at a 90 degree angle.  Instead of words, his emotions were actually on display around his heart area and they glowed blue and gold and red.  I understood that these people literally wear their emotions outwards for all to see.  I thanked him.  There was a certain at-home feeling with him and in this place. I had seen the sky and mountains before in a trance about 2 years ago but never went below the mountains then.

I felt that the trance was coming to a close so I decided to record my experience on my phone while running so that I could remember it for this writing.  The two things that I didn’t expect were 6D experience of the small spheres of consciousness and the humanoid man of white who welcomed me.  Perhaps in the future I shall go back there and speak with him and learn more.

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