Remembering that this is (just) 4th Density Stuff

I have been thinking about this for a while.  How do we navigate the disclosures that are happening in a more non-dual, transcendent manner? For me, these disclosures are threefold: the info that Corey Goode is giving out via his blog, Facebook, and Cosmic Disclosure series on Gaiam Tv; the soft disclosures that are happening in the MSM; and the Event in which a data dump will take place and people will not only learn about ETs and technology but they will learn how there has been systematic and intentional nefarious affairs taking placing place behind the scenes by the Powers That Be.  One can, and I have, become too focused on the data, the new info about off-world colonies, etc.  We must remember that there are different levels from which to view this info and if we remain stuck right in the middle, then we will find it very difficult to remain centered, learning forgiveness, and raising our vibrations towards loving service.  Our minds will be reeling too much and we will feel too restless!

What might be a good approach that allows for receiving new info while not getting caught up in it all?  Perspective from the higher densities of existence, I’d say.  We inhabit 3rd Density bodies on this 3rd Density planet that is transitioning over to the 4th Density.  Our Higher Selves are 6th Density beings that exist now and guide our 3rd Density mind/body complexes.  These Higher Selves transcend polarity and paradox and live from the perspective that all is one. One can learn how to connect with the Higher Self through spiritual discipline and really feel a new kind of freedom where we intuit that our bodies and mind exist now in this 3rd Density world but our essence is higher.  The freedom feels like patience, love, forgiveness, and gratitude for what is while knowing with a kind of wisdom what needs to happen in real time to make the 4rd Density transition happen. In other words, learning to live from a Higher Self perspective, I can be engaged in the battle for good while keeping a tight check on my 3rd Density ego needs and allowing myself to be a channel for the change that needs to happen.  We are the light forces that we need.  Adopting a Higher Self perspective helps us identify and remove the blockages of our ego (and collective ego) so our will becomes aligned with the will of the Logos; the Logos, or Creator, is in charge.

All these beings that are part of the “Grand Experiment” and those beings who live under the earth are 4th Density beings who operate along a continuum of polarity.  They may have knowledge of their Higher Self, but in fact, don’t seem to be  much more advanced (from a higher perspective) than we are.  Even early 4th Density positive peoples can be “roughly” positive as it requires only 51% positive polarity to “graduate” to the 4th Density.  As a positive civilization lives out its 4th Density existence, it gradually becomes more and more positive as it approaches its own 5th Density harvest.  My inclination here is that the 4th density civilizations that exist under the earth as well as those in the “heavens” are learning very valuable lessons on cosmic unity….  Unity is defined as diversity overcome by love.  They have not needed to traverse the issues of a heterogeneous society because of their homogeneous existence.  They, like us, are learning how to love the other as self and in order to do that, we transcend the collective ego needs and identification and move into collective higher vibrations.  They are part of this too but we on the ground are on the front lines. We can even be their teachers.

Another helpful perspective that is more cosmic in nature is this:  What is happening right now is nothing more (and nothing less) than God balancing God’s own cosmic chakra system.  If the Universe is One Being, as we are told and as we can actually intuit, then we can see that the Creator has planned this balancing all along.  All will be right and as it should be.  All of the beings that are present in this Grand Experiment, including the Sphere Being Alliance, are parts (holons, actually) of the Creator and as such are the manifested instruments that the Creator uses to balance the cosmic chakras.  By raising our vibrations and forgiving and serving others, we are simply becoming more effective channels that streamline the process so that the Creator can more effectively balance the system.  Our “yes” is paramount, but this must be followed by the sacred “no’s” in which we say “no” to temptations to fall back into feeding our ego needs.

2 thoughts on “Remembering that this is (just) 4th Density Stuff

  1. When I first listened to David Wilcock’s interviews with Corey Goode, I immediately knew that everything he was talking was right. I intuitively knew it. As a consequence, I went through a phase of anger about the media, the people behind it, the politicians and other people from the industria-military complex who are hiding the truth. But after that, I remembered myself that everything has come up for our highest good, for my highest good as well as for the highest good of humanity. So, these revelations and the emotions that are caused by them are important for initiating the process of letting them go and connect to the higher truth of who we are. In fact, we cannot do anything wrong, we can only raise our vibrations and continue with our path towards onenss.

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  2. I agree with you, Lars. In fact, I’d say that if we don’t view this whole thing from a higher perspective, then we run the risk of transmitting the negative energy instead of transforming it. What I really like in your comment is how we can use the emotions as catalysts for higher growth and to recognize where the blocks are inside of us, first. I hope that you have a blessed Christmas. Thanks for reading.


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