The Cabal’s Last Trick: A Letter to the Disclosure Community

Author: Doug Esse

I would like to affirm the brave women and men who are leading the charge in the Disclosure Movement. It seems that you have answered the call to put yourself out there to help humanity uncover what has, until now, been hidden. This brief letter is written in the spirit of solidarity of the full disclosure movement and it covers what I believe to be the missing piece that hasn’t gotten attention yet.

It is speculated by the Disclosure Community (which I include Truthers as belonging to this community) that the last things the Cabal has up its giant sleeve will be either some sort of false alien attack or other false flag event, or they will introduce some advanced alien race who steps forward and offers a new religion for the gullible masses to follow and thus surrender their sovereignty.

This may very well be true. The Cabal is very clever and they know how to manipulate us so that we willingly give ourselves over to them and follow their agenda as has been discussed by the Disclosure Community.

However, the Cabal, or Illuminati, is controlled by higher forces that, as we know, are negative ET’s whose home density is the fourth density. This means that they may be thousands (if not millions) of years more advanced than us and can see more expansively that we can. Their agenda has been to use the Earth Cabal to do their bidding and I believe these negative ET’s have known for a while that the Earth, itself, will go positive after it shifts into 4th Density.

The ultimate agenda of the negative ET’s work here on Earth has not been so much to try to make the Earth, itself, “go negative,” but to create a spiritual and psychological environment that keeps people away from heart (chakra) activation so that they do not meet the spiritual “requirements” for ascension. This will mean that the majority of Earth’s third density population must be relocated to other third density planets elsewhere to continue the lessons of third density after the Earth shifts into Fourth Density Positive.

And this energetic entrapment in the lower chakra triad is the main agenda point for the negative ET’s who have the capacity to move about in time and continue their goal of enlarging their empire along the service-to-self polarity. Theirs is the path of separation which can only be followed by fully blocking the heart chakra so that any notion of seeing another person, even an enemy, as one’s self is seen as foolish, naive, and wrong.

What is the best way to keep people entrapped in third density energy? The negative ET’s know it well: keep people pointing fingers at others so that they neglect to do their own inner work.

What am I saying? In short, the handlers of Earth’s Cabal want us to scapegoat the Cabal for the problems of the world. Why? Because by scapegoating them, we will be so invested in rooting out their deviousness that we will neglect to see our own great shadows inside each one of us. And this will keep us entrapped down in our lower energy centers.

It is incredibly difficult to point fingers at others and open the heart chakra at the same time. And the negative ET’s know this.

The negative ET’s desire that their Cabal puppets be found out so that Earth’s humanity will co-create negative energy and pump it out there in the ether. Their hope is that the thoughtforms of hatred, disgust, anger, indignation, and betrayal will saturate the planetary consciousness so that greater numbers of people, even while fighting for liberation, will be ensnared more firmly within hyper-dualistic bandwidths of consciousness; and people won’t even know it’s happening to them!

Furthermore, even once the Alliance that is fighting the Cabal wins–and they will win–we have to ask, for what exactly are we free? There has been so little teaching and training with emphasis on spiritual transformation towards mature stages of consciousness that humanity will resort to what we know best: to savor the win against losers and then proceed to collectively rebuild society with the same consciousness that caused much of our problems to begin with. Freedom to live from our False Selves is no freedom at all.

So, what are we to do?

Here I outline four basic steps, but please know that these are just suggestions and there will be readers who have better ideas than these. I look forward to them stepping up and speaking about ways forward.

  1. Ascension teachings need to primarily focus on incarnating fully, here now, rather than focusing on what is to come. It’s really quite simple, begin to live as if you are one with everyone else, including your enemies (read, Cabal). To incarnate fully, in this body, at this time, with this life circumstance, means that I go inside myself through good tools of self-knowledge and learn just how tricky my own false self is in wanting to win, to go on the defensive, to go on the offensive, to assuage the great anxieties it feels through drinking too much, drugging, meaningless sex, and most clever of all, our addiction to the way we perceive our reality. Ascension teachings need to emphasize our engagement with the Infinite Creator in normal daily life with what is right before us rather than emphasizing how to access our psychic abilities, channeling, or deepen our esoteric skill set. Those latter things will naturally open up as one accesses the heart and really (really!) learns to accept, forgive, and serve others and self.
  2. Restorative justice models must replace retributive justice models because the latter will continue to entrap us in the same eye-for-an-eye consciousness that got us to where we are now. A friend and leader within the Disclosure Community, Dr. Michael Sala, has done some exploring around restorative justice. In my opinion, the Disclosure community must begin to delve deeper into this concept and present it at gatherings such as Dimensions of Disclosure.
  3. Begin hosting mass meditations that are not only geared towards enlightening the planet but if you want to take it to the next (and necessary) level, intentionally include our “other-selves” who make up the Cabal. Be intentional about this.
  4. Begin to learn how much of the traits that we despise in the Cabal members are also inside and active in us, right now! Research ways and do presentations on how we enjoy unearned privilege that the unfair Cabal systems have set up. We can’t expect the Cabal to be taken down while we don’t uncover our own current participation in the same systems. This will be triggering for many people and we’ll go right back to becoming defensive.

It is good that there are things such as Dimensions of Disclosure and other gatherings and teachings that open us up to wider worlds. We need to move to the next stage of this movement, however. This must include people who can critique the shadow sides of the movement with egoic detachment. We must have teachers who can step up and help us learn self-knowledge, how to forgive, how to accept, and how to fight for justice while keeping the heart open. I have not seen that yet, have you?

May the Infinite Creator seduce us with a greater love than we have known. May we see all, especially the Cabal, as our other-selves. May we learn how to hold them responsible from a position that preferences right relationships and fosters good dialog. May we truly see in what ways we, ourselves, participate in the same systems that the Cabal has created. May we see that the Cabal is us in many ways.


Doug Esse



13 thoughts on “The Cabal’s Last Trick: A Letter to the Disclosure Community

  1. This is absolutely on-point. I fully agree, so much so that I have just begun offering my own experiences of deep shadow work to assist others. I see doing the internal work as the only collective way forward.


  2. Thank you for your wisdom and courage to write this. Everything you said is anchored in the concepts that are key to our collective liberation – non-judgement and seeing self as a projection of one’s self. Forgiveness of self for believing we have separated from God is our focus, and must be done together.


  3. This has occurred to me as well. Our reaction to negative energy, i.e. hatred, anger, disgust, can ITSELF be a negative energy. “Hating the haters” seems justifiable, but it is a very subtle error we are prone to make.

    The earth experience is just a game (unfortunately, many on earth right now don’t realize this.) Like in any game, some people cheat. But as you point out, the cheaters as well as the honest players are all part of the Infinite Creator. Some of them may be soul friends who are simply here playing roles to help us evolve.


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